by Eugenie Tiu Radevska
Eugenie seated with a cut on table

Hi everyone! My name is Eugenie and I’m a foreigner in Macedonia. I’ve been living here for about three years now and I really enjoy the nature, the food, and my lifestyle here.

Of course, life here, as in any other country, is not perfect. I struggle to learn language, get to know the system, and make friends.

There are a lot of amazing stories worth sharing to people who think that life is better in foreign countries. That’s not always how it’s played out and I’m hoping to share my experiences as well as others’ experiences with you.

I have lived in three different countries. I’ve learned and reflected time and again that it’s not easy to be a foreigner in another country. 

You always have to adjust to the country’s rules, culture, way of thinking, and way of life. Anywhere you go, there will be unwritten rules which make living difficult if you don’t have any close friends to help you adjust. Without any family members or friends, it might be harder to adjust and to feel that you “belong” in the country.

Why I started this blog

I started this blog mainly as a hobby but also to help people who are planning to move to another country and help them adjust where they’ll be staying.

If you’re moving to another country for work, school, or because you married a foreign partner, you don’t have to entirely rely on anyone to answer all the questions you might have. But since I cannot cover the details of every country in the world. I’ll be focusing on sharing details on the countries where I’ve already lived in – Philippines, Japan, and Macedonia.

You can expect to see the transcripts of foreigners who’ve lived in those places for over five years. As well as locals of the countries – that way you can get both perspectives.

The Foreigner in (TFI) aims to be your go-to platform when you have questions about how things are done in a foreign country. In order to do that, TFI intends to collect stories, experiences, and photos from foreigners (and locals) living in different parts of the world.

Hope it helps!