How to go to Ohrid beaches by bus?

by Eugenie Tiu Radevska
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Buses and vans to Ohrid Beaches

Disclaimer: All information provided below are based solely on my Macedonian friends’ knowledge and experiences. They are individual accounts and may not be indicative of how things are presently done. theForeignerin cannot and does not guarantee results.

It’s complicated. I guess that’s the easiest way to describe how the bus system works in Ohrid during summer. For locals and foreign visitors who are planning to travel to Ohrid in the summer, this post will explain how to reach Ohrid beaches by bus.

For anyone who is already Ohrid, you might have already noticed that it’s hard to find any information about how the bus system works in the city. The best way to understand it though, is to ask the reception of the hotel where you’ll be staying at, or the locals who will be helping you out with your accommodations. 

If you’re planning to experience Ohrid beaches by bus, I have compiled a series of questions you may be seeking answers to right now. Let’s start with:

1. What are some bus companies that operate in Ohrid during summer?

Pupekompani (Pupe Company), Classic Company, Ekspres Dimaks, and sometimes Galeb Ohrid, are just some of the transport companies that operate in the city of Ohrid. It’s important to note that these companies operate both buses and vans in the area. The vehicles they run may or may not contain the company stickers on the side. So it might not be obvious that they are used for public transport.

Also one thing to note, Galeb Ohrid is known to serve passengers traveling from city to city within Macedonia and outside Macedonia. 

Some of these companies work only during the summer, some of them work all year round.

2. Where can I buy bus tickets to go to Ohrid beaches?

There isn’t a designated bus stop for you to buy bus tickets to Ohrid beaches in advance. You can buy bus tickets when you go to the designated bus stops and pay the bus driver for one. The prices differ per company and per destination.

3. Which bus stops do I go to to find buses to Ohrid beaches?

vans to Ohrid beaches
Some vans that pick passengers up are unofficial and unlicensed.

There are two main bus stops where vans and buses stop that go towards the beach stops. One is near Ohridska Banka, right next to Martina bakery and a coffee shop called The Cups. The other one is near Zhito Leb, right next to the roundabout at Gimnazija High School. Here are the Google Map Pins for both locations:

One more thing, you may sometimes be surprised to see that locals who have a van would stop at these bus stops to pick up and drive students or tourists to their destinations. These unofficial or unlicensed carriers are usually locals who just want to earn extra income during summer. But if you’re not comfortable taking them, you don’t have to. 

4. Where to Find Bus Schedules to Go to Ohrid Beaches?

The transport companies mentioned earlier do not have any fixed schedules to go to Ohrid beaches. But they usually do non-stop round trips, so you can expect to see vans or buses stop every 10 to 15 minutes. Vans are a lot more common than buses as well.

Pupekomapni has a bus schedule that goes to Sv. Naum posted here. Its translation is posted below as well.

Pupekompani bus schedule 2022
Pupekompani’s bus schedule is not detailed on which bus stops the specific schedule applies to.
Start point: OhridDestination: Sv. Naum
05:15(Only goes to Trpejca) 05:50
20:25(Only goes to Trpejca) 21:00

The information here is simply based on what I found online and from my Macedonian friends’ knowledge and experiences. I cannot guarantee that the buses and vans will arrive in those specified hours (see my disclaimer above). So I suggest that you call the bus and van companies first before relying on the information I gathered or on their Facebook page

5. How Do I Pay For Bus Tickets to Go to Ohrid Beaches?

You can pay the bus driver directly as soon as you get on the bus. You can tell the driver which beach you want to go to, and they’ll let you know the price. Again, Pupekompmani is one of the transport companies that has a price list written on their Facebook page. You may find the translated version below:

Pupekompani bus price list 2022
Pupekompani doesn’t have a website but you can find a lot of information on their Facebook page. Everything is written in Macedonian Cyrillic though.
Price List
Ohrid-Trpejca-Sv. Naum-Ohrid
Prices of bus tickets
(цена на возен билет)
Prices for monthly ticket
(цена на месеци билет)
Raca30 DEN1,000 DEN
Sv. Stefan30 DEN1,200 DEN
Metropol-Kojnsko40 DEN1,500 DEN
Lagadin40 DEN1,500 DEN
Pestani40 DEN1,500 DEN
Gradiste60 DEN1,800 DEN
Trpejca80 DEN2,100 DEN
Ljubanista110 DEN2,400 DEN
Sv. Naum110 DEN2,500 DEN
Granica (Border of Albania)130 DEN

You can use this price list as a guide to understand how much it would approximately cost to go take a bus to Ohrid beaches. 

6. Do bus drivers in Ohrid speak English?

Ohrid is the leading tourism driver of Macedonia. Local and foreign visitors flock to the city every year to visit Lake Ohrid, Sv. Naum, and the city itself. So it’s safe to assume that bus drivers are used to simple questions in English.

If not, be confident to know that there are a number of Universities and Colleges in Ohrid, and it’s easy to find young people who can speak English without any problems. They can easily be your translator if need be.

7. What is the best beach to visit in Ohrid?

That depends largely on your purpose. If you are looking for a beach where you can easily find land and water activities for kids or for the whole family, you can go to Ljubanista beach, or the beach inside Hotel Granit (there is no need to stay overnight there, you can just pay the 150 DEN parking fee and 200 DEN per beach chair).

For people seeking to have a good time with their friends and relatives, Gradiste beach, Nemo beach, or Lagadin beach are the places to go. 

Finally, for couples who just wish to have a relaxing time together, the beach inside Sv.  Naum or Trpejca should be on the top of your list.

8. Do buses in Ohrid operate on Sundays or Holidays?

During summer, buses in Ohrid operate on Sundays. It would be rare to find buses that operate on Holidays but you can always take a cab to go to any of the beaches in Ohrid.

You can always call the bus companies on a weekday to confirm if they operate on Sundays or Holidays.

Bus CompanyPhone Number (last update: August 14, 2022)
Pupekompani 075 307 476
Classic Company046-511-080
Galeb Ohrid046 260 339
*services are mostly from city to city or city to another country

9. Do buses and vans in Ohrid take payment by credit card or Euros?

No. It’s better to have some Macedonian Denars with you when going around the city using public transportation.

10. Can I take a Taxi to Ohrid Beaches?

Yes! But make sure to book a taxi in advance or take a taxi with a meter because some of them charge unreasonable fees to both local and foreign visitors. For example, when I asked one taxi driver how much it is from Ohrid’s city center to Gradiste, they quoted us 1500 DEN for two people, which I think is way too much for where we wanted to go.

They might charge you depending on the number of people riding the taxi, or they might charge you depending on how far the beach is.

11. What are some common words and phrases you need to know when taking a bus in Macedonia?

MacedonianPronunciationEnglish Translation
Автобуски билетAvtobus biletBus Ticket
Автобуска постојкаAvtobus postojkaBus Stop
Возен редVozen redTimetable 
Колку пари до Градиште Плажа?Kolku pari do Gradiste Plazha?How much to Gradiste Beach? 

So what do you think about the bus system in Ohrid? Do you think you can travel to Ohrid beaches by bus? Or would you rather take the cab and pay a bit more for space and convenience? Let me know in the comments below!

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