How to Pay Your Income Tax Online in Macedonia (Parts 3 & 4)

by Eugenie Tiu Radevska
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In the previous post, we saw that in order to pay your income tax in Macedonia, you need to be able to do the following: First, register at EPDD’s website. Second, print the document which you will get in your email right after you register, and bring it to Public Revenue Office (Управа за Јавни Приходи). As soon as your account gets activated, you can start submitting the details of your income whenever you have free time.

Part one of how to pay your income tax online is all about entering your basic information in the site. You need to fill in details such as your name, email, and the date range of when you got your salary. After entering those details, you need to click save so that it can take you to the next section of the entire process.

The second section of the form will ask you to fill out and answer six fields in total. They include:

1. The country where the company you work for is registered,
2. Your Income type,
3. Your Income subtype,
4. The date you received your income from abroad,
5. The currency you get your salary in, and
6. the income you receive in foreign currency.

Once you’ve filled out these six fields, you’ll see the gross income appear since it’s automatically calculated.

In this post, you will learn how to complete the third part and the fourth part of how to pay your income tax online in Macedonia. Similar to the previous post, you will find a video in every section.

PART 3 How to Pay Your Income Tax online in Macedonia

Part 3 How to Pay Income Tax in Macedonia Video and Guide

Once you’ve submitted all the required information in Parts 1 and 2, you can now proceed to the third part. If you have been working remotely and have been receiving income from abroad via bank transfer, you should be receiving a monthly email from your bank.

Your bank will send you a statement in a pdf file notifying you that money from somewhere has arrived.

If it’s your first time to receive income from abroad via bank transfer, you need to go to your bank. They will ask you to fill out forms before you can withdraw the money that arrived.

1. Find the proof of income that was sent to you by email from your bank.

As shown in the video, you need to go to section “податоци за исплатите” which means “payment data” and find the word “Документи” which means “Document.”

After clicking that, you’ll find a new page that will ask you to upload the proof that income from abroad has arrived to your bank.

Email from the bank
Income from abroad payment confirmation email from Halkbank (section intentionally blurred out).

In the photo above, you’ll see that Halkbank sent me an email with the subject line “Известување за девизен прилив” which can be roughly translated to “Notification that foreign currency has arrived.”

2. Download the document sent to you by email from your bank.

I use Halkbank to receive income from abroad, and as mentioned, they send me an email with the document that states income has arrived from abroad. As soon as you receive the notification from your bank, download that document and save it in your computer.

3. Upload the document to EPDD.

Uploading document to EPDD's website
Upload the pdf file sent from your bank to your email.

Once the document is saved in a folder in your computer, click “Избери” which means “select.” Choose the document, and click “Прикачи” which means “attach.”

If you receive your income twice a month from the same company, you can upload another document on the same page. Just choose “Избери” again, choose the document, and then click “Прикачи.”

Make sure that the price you entered in item six (“Доход од странска валута”) of the previous section is already the total amount of the income you get for the month.

Click “Назад” to go back to the previous page. 

4. Submit the details.

After uploading your document, you can click “Затвори Пресметка” which means “Close calculation.” Then, you need to wait for a code which will be sent to your email right away.

Waiting for the code EPDD
Wait for the code which will be sent to your email.

Once you click “close,” the page will show you this note:

“На вашиот маил е испратен пин код за потврдување на пресметката.”
“A pin code has been sent to your email to confirm the calculation.”

The code will be sent to your email by this address “,” and will have about eight characters.

Copy paste the code in the space provided (right under “Внесете го пин кодот.” which means “enter the pin code.”). Click “Потврди код” which means “enter code.” 

5. Check the status of your submission.

After entering the code, go back to the main page and you should see the list of “Пресметки” or the “calculations” you submitted. 

Page where the status of your submission is shown.
You will find a list of the “calculations” you submitted on the main page

On the main page, you’ll find a table that shows the following items:

БрутоGross Income
Данок На ДоходIncome Tax

Under status, you’ll find that it shows “За проверка,” which means “for checking.” Beside it, you’ll see that the type shows “Без налог за плаќање.” which means “No invoice received yet.”

6. Wait for 24 to 48 hours.

The tax office will check what you’ve submitted, and once it’s approved, you should see the words “Прифатена” or “Accepted” under status. You will also see the word “Неплатена” or “Unpaid” under the “type” category. The approval process will take about one or two working days.

Part 4 How to Pay Income Tax in Macedonia Video and Guide

Congratulations! You made it to Part four!

This is the final step to complete the process of paying your income tax in Macedonia. Don’t worry. There are three last steps to go.

PART 4 How to Pay Your Income Tax online in Macedonia

After waiting for about one or two working days, log in to your EPDD account and check if the status of your submitted calculations has been accepted. 

Again, if it is ready, it should show you “Прифатена” or “Accepted” under status, and “Неплатена” or “Unpaid” under type.

7. Print the summary.

If it does show you that the calculation is accepted, click “Преглед” or “Overview.” Then click “Печати Рекапитулација” means “Print the summary.” 

8. Fill in the details.

The “Рекапитулација” is a two-page PDF file that contains all the details of what you’ve submitted in the previous sections.

The first page includes your basic info, where you get your income, gross income, income tax, currency – among others. And the second page will include the final amount you need to pay, your tax number, and three more sections you need to fill out. 

The three sections are:

  1. “Трансакциска сметка на налогодавачот.” or “Transaction account of the ordering party.”
    This is your bank account number. You need to fill this out.
  2. “Банка на Налогодавачот.” or “Bank of the customer.”
    Write the name of the bank on this section.
  3. “Потпис.” or “Signature”

Sign the document. 

9. Go to the bank and pay.

Print the document. Go to the and pay.


Submitting income taxes in Macedonia is not that difficult. The online system is not that user-friendly for foreigners so if you can’t read Macedonian Cyrillic yet, I suggest doing this with a friend for the first time.

To recap the whole process of paying income tax in Macedonia, here’s a step by step summary:

  1. Create an EPDD account, print the document you will get from your email, and submit it to the tax Public Revenue Office (Управа за Јавни Приходи) or tax office.
  2. Save all the income statements you get from your bank to your email in your computer. So once your account gets activated, you are ready to submit the “calculations” (the details of your income).
  3. Enter all the required details about where you get your income.
  4. Upload the income statement you got from your bank and hit submit.
  5. Enter the code you’ll receive from your email and wait one to two working days for your submission to be reviewed and approved.
  6. Login to your EPDD account, print the summary or what’s called as “Рекапитулација,” and fill out three more required details.
  7. Go to the bank and pay the income tax.

I hope that helps! If you want to share your experience on how to pay income tax in Macedonia online, feel free to share it with me. Also if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at findtheforeignerin[at]gmail[dot]com.

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