Write for Us

by Eugenie Tiu Radevska

We’re inviting all foreigners to share their experiences of what it’s like to live in another country. We’re mostly interested in the how-to’s of your everyday life. Here are some of the topics you can write about:


  • How you found a job/university/partner in the foreign country
  • How to rent an apartment/a car in the country where you’re at
  • How to look for a job in the country where you’re at
  • Recommended gyms/banks/internet providers/hotels in the country where you’re at
  • Reasons why someone should move to the foreign country you’re staying
  • Tax/pension/insurance policies of the foreign country
  • Cheapest to most expensive restaurants/supermarkets/pubs
  • How Garbage is handled in the place where you live
  • Tips to learn the language
  • Unwritten rules in the country
  • Brief history of the country
  • Procedures when you need a doctor/dentist/medical attention or a check-up
  • Moving companies you recommend
  • How to send things via their post office
  • Visa procedures
  • Most common applications/websites/platforms used in the country
  • Important dates and festivals in the country
  • What does day in your life look like

Health and Wellness

  • Overcoming Loneliness
  • Optimistic Thinking
  • Positive Habits
  • Thoughts of an Introvert
  • Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Worry
  • Embracing Singlehood 
  • How to Manage Anger 
  • WFH Tips
  • Ways to Relax and Love Yourself
  • Forming Sustainable Habits


Food is also a huge part of any culture, it’s what binds us together and helps us build stronger relationships with new people, friends, and families. There are many underrated dishes out there and we’d love you to help us familiarize others on how to make a traditional meal you’ve recently learned how to do, or a popular regional delicacy you ate at a friend’s house!

Submission Guidelines

  • All articles must be 100% original. It must not appear on any other websites or slated for distribution. 
  • All submissions must be a minimum of 1,000 words.
  • All submissions must not contain any affiliate links. Internal/external links are fine.
  • Please make sure to reference your sources. We encourage citations from credible news, peer-reviewed journals, or scholarly articles. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE  for the consequences of your sharing or posting any personal or other information on our website. YOU MAY NOT POST content intended to provide professional/medical advice or advertising of any kind.
  • Please attach at least three photos you would like to use. Please give photo credit by linking to image content.
  • Your submissions MUST BE credited under your name, and YOU MUST provide a link to your LinkedIn page or any one of your social media links. 
  • If you are from a digital marketing agency, we get how it works. Just be honest. We’ll allow one do-follow link for every article submitted.
  • Guest submissions are NOT paid.

Ready to Submit?

Please email us at findtheforeignerin@gmail.com and write “Guest Post for TFI” in the subject line.