A Review on Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid

by Eugenie Tiu Radevska
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Ljubanista beach in Ohrid

Disclaimer: All information provided below are based solely on my and my Macedonian friends’ knowledge and experiences. They are individual accounts and may not be indicative of how things are presently done. theForeignerin cannot and does not guarantee results.

If you ever plan to visit Macedonia during the summer season, you’ll find that many locals and tourists flock to spend full days in Ohrid. One of the main reasons is because Ohrid is famous for its lake, and of course, one of the most popular landmarks in Macedonia. 

There are many beaches in Ohrid. And even if you ask locals which is the best beach in the country, they themselves might not be able to choose one.

As a foreigner, I’ve visited some beaches in Ohrid recommended by locals. And I’m on a goal to list down all of the beaches in Ohrid in order to eliminate confusion as to which is the best one to go to. Each beach has its own unique feature and in this post, I’ll share my experience as well as if that beach actually matches your purpose. 
We’ll start with Ljubanista Beach in Ohird.

Entering Ljubanista beach in Ohrid
Ljubanista Beach is one of the farthest beaches from Ohrid’s city center. Before entering though, you’ll find a huge sign guiding you to the place itself.

Where is Ljubanista Beach?

Ljubanista Beach is located right at the south of the city of Ohrid, near the Monastery of St. Naum. Looking at the map, you’ll find that it’s near the line that separates Albania and Macedonia.

How to Get to Ljubanista Beach?

By Car

From Ohrid’s city center, it takes 37 minutes by car to get there. But it is also possible to go there by bus or by taxi. If you go by car, remember to go to the furthest entrance point because that area doesn’t have any parking fee.

The other parking area which leads you to the middle of the beach charges about 200 DEN for the whole day.

By Bus 

One of the main bus companies that operates within the region is Pupekompani. They run buses and vans to different beaches in Ohrid. You can find these buses at two main bus stops: one is the bus stop behind one of Ohrid’s main landmarks: Gymnasium (address: st. Dimitar Vlahov no. 71 – Ohrid). And the other is a bus stop near the roundabout in the city center.

Distance from Ohrid's City Center to Ljubanista beach
If you check Google Maps, you’ll see that Ljubanista Beach is near the border of Ohrid and Albania.
Front side of Gymnasium in Ohrid
Gymnasium is one of the main landmarks of the locals in Ohrid.
Bus stop at Gymnasium
Some locals say you can find Pupekompani buses stopping at this bus stop. The buses should have a huge “Pupekompani” sticker on its side.

Several vans and buses mostly stop at these two main bus stops. You’ll have to ask them if they go to Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid and how much. But based on the information available online, here’s how much they should cost (translation below):

Pupekompani bus price list 2022
Pupekompani doesn’t have a website but you can find a lot of information on their Facebook page. Everything is written in Macedonian Cyrillic though.

Here’s a translation of the photo above:

Bus Price List

Ohrid to Trpejca to Sv. Naum to Ohrid

Prices of bus tickets
(цена на возен билет)
Prices for monthly ticket
(цена на месеци билет)
Raca30 DEN1,000 DEN
Sv. Stefan30 DEN1,200 DEN
Metropol-Kojnsko40 DEN1,500 DEN
Lagadin40 DEN1,500 DEN
Pestani40 DEN1,500 DEN
Gradiste60 DEN1,800 DEN
Trpejca80 DEN2,100 DEN
Ljubanista110 DEN2,400 DEN
Sv. Naum110 DEN2,500 DEN
Granica (Border of Albania)130 DEN

This is the latest price list posted on their Facebook page

There aren’t any booths or designated areas to buy bus tickets to these places. You need to go to the two main bus stops mentioned above, wait for the bus, and pay the driver. 

Pupekompani also posted a schedule of when their buses and vans stop.

Pupekompani bus schedule 2022
Pupekompani’s bus schedule is not detailed on which bus stops the specific schedule applies to.

It is not clear which bus stops the schedule applies to, but locals say that it applies to those two main bus stops mentioned above. You may find the translation below:

Start point: OhridDestination: Sv. Naum
05:15(Only goes to Trpejca) 05:50
20:25(Only goes to Trpejca) 21:00

Unfortunately,the information you can find online is very limited. There are also no timetables to see at the bus stops. So you have to rely on the information you can get from the hotel where you’ll be staying or from the locals. 

Before going to the bus stops at those designated schedules, I suggest calling Pupekompani to confirm the details. Their phone number is on their Facebook page

By Taxi

If you want to go to Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid by taxi, the prices are not fixed. When we asked taxi drivers lined up in Ohrid’s city center, they said it can cost up to 1,500 DEN for two people to Ljubanista beach. The taxi drivers also said that the price is dependent on how many people will be riding the cab. But it is still pretty expensive, so make sure to bargain with them.

I also suggest finding a cab with a taximeter instead. It might be cheaper that way.

What can you do in Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid

Camp and Grill

Ljubanista beach in Ohrid
Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid is perfect for families who want to camp, enjoy a number of activities, or just relax.

Relative to other places in Ohrid, Ljubanista Beach is known for its sandy beaches and campsites. Unlike other popular beaches, Ljubanista isn’t dominated by a few hotels or by one resort. Instead, there are a lot of people who bring their own tents, beach chairs, towels, and parasols, and set it up in a place near the water. The scenery is breathtaking. And the breeze will make you forget how hot the summer season is. 

There are also newly built lodges which I think you can rent for a night or two. There is currently no information about these lodges online aside from this one so I will update this article as soon as I find some info.

Entrance to the camping site
Entrance to the camping site
Newly built lodges in Ljubanista beach
You can find newly built lodges in Ljubanista but there isn’t any information online or offline (yet) on how you can rent one.

Water Activities

Recreational Activities in Ljubanista beach
Although there aren’t many shops within the beach, I saw some kayaks and inflatable rafts in the area – so you might find a shop that rents them out.

You really have to prepare your gears before going to Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid. Make sure you have extra towels and clothes because there are almost no shops within the beach and on the way to the beach.

When we were at the beach, we saw some kayaks and inflatable rafts by the lake. So while we didn’t see any shops that rent things for water sports, you can most likely find at least one or two shops within the beach. 

Also, as far as I know, there are only two restaurants that serve meals within the beach. One of the restaurants where we ate had a very limited menu though – just hamburgers and pizzas. Their menu includes pastas as well – but when we ate there, they didn’t have it available.

Restaurant in Ljubanista beach
You can find two restaurants in Ljubanista beach.

Aside from the two restaurants, there is also one shop where you can buy drinks, snacks, and a few inflatable items for swimming.

Horseback riding & ATV

You can also experience horseback riding and ATV at Ljubanista. Although it’s something you’ll find before you enter the beach. It’s 1.2 kilometers from the beach which takes about 15 minutes by foot.

The place is called Yanka Ranch & 4×4. Kids and adults can rent a horse or an ATV for one hour. It costs about 30 Euros for one person. You can find more details in this link

Rating Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid

Entrance to the toilet
There aren’t any booths where you can pay to use the restroom. There isn’t any information as well. Members are given bracelets to enter AND exit the toilet.

As of August 2022, Ljubanista Beach in Ohrid has a 4.7 rating out of 10 reviews in Google.

But out of all the beaches I’ve been to in Ohrid, Ljubanista Beach is definitely one of the most family-friendly one

However, if I were to rate the place, I would give it a 3 out of 5 star experience. Minus one for not having adequate facilities for visitors to shower, change clothes, or do number one or two. And another minus one for not having a lot of information online.

As mentioned, there are new shelters built within the camping area, and those people who are members are the only ones who have access to the comfort room. They are all given a bracelet so that they can enter and go out of the restroom. There are no booths where you can pay for entrance to the toilet, and no receptionist or tourist center you can ask questions to.

All in all though, I really like the experience of being there. The overall scenery is breathtaking and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

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