A Review on Nemo Beach in Ohrid

by Eugenie Tiu Radevska
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Nemo Beach in Ohrid

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Macedonia is Ohrid. Since there are a lot of beaches in Ohrid, it’s hard to choose which one to go to especially if you’re a first time visitor. Nemo Beach in Ohrid is just one of the few beaches in Lake Ohrid that provides a great place to spend time with friends and feel an ecstatic vibe.

Aside from that, Nemo Beach is also not too far from Ohrid’s city center. Checking the place in Google maps, you’ll find that it’s only 5-6 km away by car from Ohrid’s city center. 

Nemo Beach used to be called Gorica Beach. And Gorica Beach was known to have about a five-kilometer stretch of shore divided into three. They were known as Gorica 1 (starts from Park Beach or Golden Beach which extends down to Inex Olgica ), Gorica 2 (extends from Inex Olgica to Nemo Beach), and Gorica 3 (extends from Nemo Beach to Sv. Stefan).

The names of these beaches change based on the hotels that get established in the area.

How to Get to Nemo Beach?

By Car

The easiest way to get to Nemo Beach is by car. It’s only a ten-minute drive from Ohrid’s city center to Nemo Beach.

By Bus

You can also get to Nemo Beach by bus. From Ohrid’s city center, walk to one of the main bus stops, and ask the bus or van driver to drop you off at Sv. Stefan (Sveti Stefan). You may read this guide on how the bus system in Ohrid works

By Taxi

If you plan to take the cab though, make sure to agree on the price when you call, and before booking a taxi. You also have the option to go to Ohrid’s city center and find a metered taxi. The price should NOT cost more than 1,500DEN (€25/ $25) as Nemo Beach is one of the nearest beaches from the city center.

What can you do in Nemo Beach?

Nemo Beach in Ohrid can easily be one of your top options when you are simply going out with your partner, your friends, or your relatives. For people who want to get a tan, and for people who don’t mind loud music when they’re on the beach chair relaxing. It’s family-friendly for young couples and for older couples with bigger kids.

Enjoy the Vibe with Your Friends

Enjoy the vibe at Nemo Beach
Upon entering Nemo Beach via Sv. Stefan Hotel, you’ll hear loud music being played by different shops and restaurants surrounding the area.

When you enter via Sv. Stefan Hotel, you’ll notice that there is a series of restaurants that serve food and drinks, and that they mainly drive the vibe of the place. Many of those shops play loud music that create a lively atmosphere in the area.

Some spots on the beach have trees, but you’ll find that it is mainly the parasols spread along the shore that provide shade to the beach goers. 

Eat Grilled Food

Eat grilled food at Nemo Beach
There are a number of shops that sell really good grilled patties and pizza.

Unless you don’t want to spend money when you get to the beach, there’s no need to bring snacks or packed food for lunch when you go to Nemo Beach in Ohrid. There are a lot of shops selling patties, pizza, and cold beverages in the area. They smell really good too!

Buy things you forgot

Stalls in Nemo Beach
Many merchants sell random beach items at Nemo Beach in Ohrid.
Stalls in Nemo Beach 3
Inflatable rings, beach balls, shaes, swimwear, towels, and hats, and even souvenirs.

Unlike other beaches in Ohrid, you can find a lot of merchants selling random beach items at Nemo Beach. There are stalls that sell beach towels, hats, shades, swimwear, toys, and even souvenirs for you to choose. 

There is no guarantee about the quality and the pricing though, so lower your expectations.

Relax and Sunbathe

People sunbathing
Nemo Beach is a great place if you want to get a tan.
People sunbathing in Nemo Beach
There are shaded and unshaded areas at Nemo Beach.

If you want to get a tan while feeling that party-ish vibe, Nemo Beach is the perfect place for you. Nemo Beach used to be one part of Gorica Beach, which used to be an extension of beaches beside one another. So you’ll find there are areas covered with trees and parasols, but there are many areas that are not. 

All you really need is a towel or a beach chair cushion, put it in a selected spot, and start sunbathing – that’s if you don’t want to pay for a beach chair. 

How Good is Nemo Beach?

Sand at Nemo Beach in Ohrid
The sand in Nemo beach is finer than I expected.

The body of water where beaches in Ohrid are is actually a lake. They’re rich in pebbles and tiny sharp rocks, and at the same time don’t have salty water. So it doesn’t actually hurt your eyes when you take a dip.

Many beaches in Ohrid have rocky sand that hurts your feet when you enter the water – but not at Nemo Beach. From all the beaches I’ve been to, this is so far one of the places where it actually feels good to walk on. It’s not fine sand, but it’s good enough that it didn’t hurt my feet at all. The water is clean and clear and the view is average.

I wasn’t able to find a toilet in Nemo Beach when I was there, but I’ll definitely update this post in the future and add what it’s like. 

Rating Nemo Beach in Ohrid

As of August 2022, Nemo Beach in Ohrid has a 4.0 rating out of 300 reviews in Google.

But personally, I’d give Nemo Beach in Ohrid a rating of 3 out of 5 star experience. The ambiance is perfect if you want to spend time with your friends or relatives. And if your purpose is to chit chat the whole day, play cards or board games, sunbathe, and feel young. This is the place to go. 

Minus one point for not having a great view like that of Ljubanista Beach, and another point is reserved for when I get to assess how they maintain their washroom facilities (so far, the reviews in Google don’t seem promising, but we’ll see).

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